• "Reflecting on their first-hand experience in watching and working with senior leaders of our country, this extraordinary group of our nation’s next generation of leaders revealed their greatest lessons in a series of more than 200 exclusive interviews with Garcia.

    Representing five generations of White House Fellows, they also shared captivating stories from every presidential administration since the inception of the program. Garcia weaves these recollections with insightful quotations from the Fellows, drawing together the common threads of insights about leadership at the highest levels with life-changing advice for readers from all walks of life, at any stage of their career, and in any field."
    ~ Charles Patrick Garcia
  • "Success can be measured in various ways, but ultimately, success is defined by the person striving to achieve it. Charles Patrick Garcia knows this well. Throughout his career, from Chairman of the Cadet Honor Committee at the U.S. Air Force Academy to White House Fellow to CEO of the nation's fastest growing Hispanic-owned business-Garcia has learned how to succeed, and now he wants to show people from all walks of life, at any age, how to do the same in both business and life." ~ Charles Patrick Garcia