Why Choose Charles Garcia for your audience?

The American Way of Leadership—10 Life-Changing Secrets From Great American Leaders.
[45 minutes to 2 hours]

Garcia will impart ten timeless tenets of successful leadership derived from over 200 interviews with America ’s top leaders while reaching and writing Leadership Lessons of the White House Fellows: Learn How to Inspire Others, Achieve Greatness, and Find Success in Any Organization. He will encourage audiences to challenge their preconceived notions of leadership while helping them absorb the practical, tactical qualities of truly great leaders and apply these principles to their own lives. At the same time, he will illustrate these lessons with personal glimpses into how America ’s super successful leaders work, how they think, and how they reached ultimate success.

Awaken the Sleeping Giant: Tap into Your Subconscious Mind and Program Yourself to Succeed.
[45 minutes to 2 hours]
As part of this dynamic presentation, Garcia will share the story of Dr. Charles Kelman, the eye surgeon who invented the modern day procedure for cataract surgery. In order to achieve his goals and make his groundbreaking discoveries, Dr. Kelman followed a daily technique that utilized the power of his subconscious mind to drive him to exceptional achievements. “You must write down all your dreams, prioritize the top ten into a life plan, and look at them three times a day,” says Dr. Kelman. “This way they become ingrained in both your conscious and subconscious mind.”

Garcia will reveal how you too can implement Dr. Kelman’s techniques to achieve your life goals—and he’ll share many other examples of individuals that have followed these strategies with extraordinary results.

To help audiences create their own life plan, Garcia has created a FREE web-based interactive software program that he provides the audience. Once at the site, individuals will be guided through a series of questions about their future goals in ten areas of their life. Once their top 10 goals are written down, then the software program assists them to develop navigational action steps to achieve each one. To inspire them to take action, they will receive “reminder emails” to their computers three times a day.

Raising Them For Greatness – 8 Life Lessons You Need To Know to Parent Successful Children.
[45 minutes to 2 hours]

As if sent from a star, one joyful day your child arrives in the world and becomes the focus of your love and life. However, no one receives special instructions on how to be a parent so raising your children to be the best can feel like an overwhelming challenge. It’s really no mystery, says Charles Garcia: simply observe what successful people believe and instill those beliefs in your kids. That’s precisely what he teaches you to do in this powerful presentation.

Based on his experience as a member of the Florida State Board of Education and as a parent of four children—as well as on his interviews with more than 1,600 teachers, students, parents and experts in family issues—Garcia has developed a valuable parenting program for everyone who strives to raise successful children. The audience will learn how to implement eight basic beliefs especially developed to guide their children along the path to success. Use these beliefs in your day-to-day parenting and in a short time, your children will have the tools necessary for achieving success and making their dreams come true.

Catch the Latino Wave: How to Reach (and Profit From) The Latino Customer.
[45 minutes to 1 hour]
There are only a handful of speakers who truly understand how to successfully market to the Latino consumer, and Charles Garcia is one of them. In this presentation companies and audiences will learn many of the unique and interesting cultural complexities and nuances of the Latino culture and mind set and how corporations that want to target this booming demographic can do so successfully.

Diversity in Action: Making Your Employees “Differences” Work for You.
[45 minutes to 1 hour]

Never has it been more important to capture the ideas, innovations, and energies of every employee in your business. The rapid globalization of business and our nation’s own changing demographics are sure to have a profound and growing effect on America ’s corporations. Those who embrace diversity with a strategic approach andan eye toward economic benefits and return rather than as a socially mandated, “feel-good” directive based on keeping the company politically correct will be able to compete more effectively in the future.

In today’s economy, companies must take a holistic approach to diversity, one that incorporates employee recruitment, supplier/affiliate relationships, marketing, community involvement and more. Diversity is not just a way to remain competitive in our changing world but can and will give you the competitive edge in seeking out new customers and increasing revenues.

Thriving in the Business World: A Crash Course in Entrepreneurial Success.
[45 minutes to 2 hours]

Even in today’s tough economy, you can be a successful entrepreneur. If starting your own business is your passion, then you won’t find a better person to show you the ropes than Charles Garcia.

In this fast-paced, informative presentation, Garcia pulls from his 15 years of experience starting and growing his own businesses to help audiences avoid obstacles and achieve greatness on their paths to entrepreneurial success.

He knows what he’s talking about. Garcia started a small company with three people out of the broom closet of another firm and grew it to sixty offices in seven countries. His firm was named by Inc. magazine as the #8 fastest growing privately held company in the country. and he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by three national organizations. You won’t find a better mentor for entrepreneurs anywhere else.